DACA was disgracefully rescinded on September 5, 2017 by the Trump Administration. However, ongoing litigation since that time means that most current (or former) DACA holders are able to continue renewing their work permits. 

If you are a DACA holder, please read the notes below very carefully!!!

  • At this time, if your work permit expires anytime before the end of 2018, I recommend you submit a renewal. 
  • We will continue to charge $300 to process DACA renewals without complications. The USCIS filing fee is $495. 
  • DACA advance parole was ended as of September 2017, although there may be changes as of late July 2018.

VERY IMPORTANT - if you have possible other relief available to you - through a United States citizen or lawful permanent resident spouse, another family petition, a U visa (have you ever been the victim of any violent crime?) please talk to me (or another qualified immigration attorney) as soon as possible.